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Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

The simplest answer is that it has always been safe to book a holiday with us.

Last year all clients booked on holidays we were not able to provide as the borders were closed due to the pandemic, were refunded promptly - an enviable record that puts many others to shame.

Should l book my holiday now or wait?

With recent news in the media particularly concerning Greece’s positive approach to tourism this summer and an opening date to tourists of May 14th we have seen a surge in demand particularly for peak season holidays.  

As many of our regular guests who were unable to visit us last year have already booked for this coming year if you have holiday dates in mind from June 1st onward, we highly recommend booking as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

What if my holiday is cancelled due to Covid? 

Firstly, if it is deemed unsafe to travel and therefore our or the Greek Governments prevent us from operating our holidays then we will necessarily have to cancel holidays and refund/offer credit vouchers for future holidays, as happened in the first half of the 2020 season.  Refunds for flights that you have booked will be organised by the airlines concerned in such a situation.

Secondly, whilst our normal deposit is required to book a holiday, we will not request the payment of the holiday balance until we ascertain that the holiday can take place.

Thirdly, if you book a holiday and we subsequently offer any strategic discounts on particular dates we will automatically apply the discount to your holiday already booked on a like for like basis (i.e. same date/duration/airport/accommodation). So, you can book with confidence knowing you won’t pay more than someone else booking later – and you’ll be getting the exact holiday you want.

Finally, there were no cases of Covid at Wildwind. With the vaccination rollout, increased testing and measures outlined above plus the health protocols we have already implemented in resort successfully last year, we are confident that we can provide our guests once again with a fantastic holiday in a safe environment along with sunshine, blue sky and some great sailing!!

Will I need a vaccination certificate?

Greek Tourism minister Harry Theoharis clarified that all travellers are welcome to Greece this summer as long as they provide proof of vaccination in the form of digital a “travel passport” – currently under discussion in the EU – or with a negative PCR test result.

Greece relies heavily on the tourist industry and so is keen to allow visitors entry and they plan to welcome tourists from 14 May. Random testing of some arrivals will also take place, similar to last year based on the country’s EVA program, Greece’s AI screening and testing program created to vet the Covid-19 risk of incoming tourists through all of the country’s entry points.  Furthermore, the Greek government has said that it will prioritise the vaccination of people working in the tourism industry to further protect visitors and locals alike.

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